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**NEW** Arawakan Tees 3rd Edition

We are excited to introduce to you our latest Tees designed by Label owner, Victor Hernandez.

On the front you'll have a golden Arawakan logo. The background is a vintage "Arawakan 4Life" Calligraphy design.

On the back, you will have a white tribal circle with a Behique design. The 1 & 4 represents the year 2014 Arawakan was established.

Description of Behique:

The Behiques were one of the four social classes within the Taino society. These were priests, as well as witch doctors or shamans. The wisest in the tribe, Behiques held key knowledge of plants and substances for medical application.

Thank you all for your orders.

Make sure to send us your photos representing your Arawakan Tshirts.

Check out our Merchandise page for more info.

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